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Party Like It's 1959   Collage, 2012 Zoom 
Daughter Of A Lighthouse Keeper   Portrait, free-hand 40x30 cm, 1999 Zoom 
Art Or..   Collage, 2005 Zoom 
Odense Bytrafik   Concept drawing for advertising campaign, 2005 Zoom 
Maria Picassó   Portrait, free-hand A4, 2005 Zoom 
VW Beetle   Free-hand A5, 1999 Zoom 
Pollute   Collage, 2005 Zoom 
Banu Gürsel   Portrait, free-hand A4, 2005 Zoom 
The Car Mortuary   Collage 60x50 cm, 2005 Zoom 
Mirror Double Portrait   Portrait, free-hand - 25x26 cm,1999 Zoom 
Scooterhead vs Tapehead   Collage, 2012 Zoom 
Love Products   Collage, 2006 Zoom 
Cinema   Installation drawing, free-hand A4, 1999 Zoom 
Ktesnuko   Collage, 2005 Zoom 

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